A Dogg Made Out of Pizza

by Problem Dogg

  • LTD Cassette Tape C32

    only two copies of A Dogg Made Out of Pizza! i was gonna make 5 to test out some possibly-old-and-maybe-not-functioning tapes and what do ya know 3 of them were defective

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A monumental live album by the Problem Dogg, A Dogg Made Out of Pizza features debut performances from essential Pdogg members Matt Burgess and Bradley Santulli! Recorded live at J&Js in Denton on October 25th 2013. This was also the last show Problem Dogg played while Lou Reed was still alive. 36 hours after their performance of "After Hours," Lou transitioned into the heavens of Rock and Roll or whatever. Stay tuned for our next limited Problem Dogg reissue. It's for Lou. Part two


just get the digital version here problemdogg.bandcamp.com/album/a-dogg-made-out-of-pizza


released July 4, 2016

Austin - guitar
Beth - drums
Bradley - vocals (on Hellen Keller)
Matt - synth, vocals
Neil - guitar, kickin' out the jams
Reece - drums, vocals
Rick - guitarbass, bass, vocals
Rob - bass
Taylor - vocals (on Romeo's Distress and Black Dogg Sleeps...)



Trading Wreckage Denton, Texas

fake label for dumb no wave/noise rock musician's projects and friends. currently specializing in short-run tapes. it's all bad and it's all here. getting good deals on top dollar wheels.

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